Privacy Policy


Jimmy Sriracha and his associates writing at are also fanatics about online privacy. We don’t like spam, we don’t like our personal information being shared with third parties, and we are just as concerned (and probably more concerned) with Internet security than you are.

To that end, Jimmy Sriracha and any of the other writers, editors, and team members behind will never share any information gathered about your, your computer, your operating system, or any other details with any outside party.

We do retain the right to use some basic details provided by your Web browser or Internet service provider to try and make our site ideal for our audience. That’s another way of saying that we will look at our visitors’ language preference, browser type, and some other info, provided freely by their computer, OS, or ISP, to optimize the site. is not a commercial site – we’re not selling anyone anything. So we won’t be collecting any personal financial information from our visitors. At this point, the site is educational, and we will do everything in our power to make it the best possible experience for people interested in Internet poker play. What we won’t do is sell or transfer any details about our visitors to any outside party.

However, Jimmy Sriracha and any of his associates working on do reserve the right to use basic details to make the site look and function better. By visiting the site, you are agreeing NOT to hold Jimmy or any of his writers and other associates liable for any content linked to or from the site. We’re only responsible for the content on this website, not any opinions or material that may exist on links we provide or sites and games we talk about.

You have the right to browse anonymously, if you wish, as allowed by your ISP or your operating system. We allow anonymous visitors; after all, Jimmy and friends often browse the Internet anonymously, so it just wouldn’t be right to disallow other people from checking out the site that way if they so choose.

In the future, this privacy policy may change, as features are added to the site. We will make note of these changes by changing the date of publication of this privacy policy and posting it for all visitors to see.